November 20, 2023 - Waiting on small last-minute projects to be done. No confirmed move in date yet.

September 29, 2023 - Parking and roadway ready for asphalt Monday

Parking and roadway ready for asphalt Monday.

Final metal work being completed to finish up outside work.

Epoxy flooring work being completed in hallway and gear room.

Tile all installed, still working on grouting it and installing partitions in bathrooms.

September 17, 2023 - Lots going on and getting closer to a finished product

Metal is going up almost complete.

Some curbs are in, sidewalks and rest of curbing and the apparatus apron will be completed this week.

Kitchen cabinets are going in now.

Communication counters are going in now.

Tile work is being completed in all bathrooms, shower rooms.

Flooring has been installed in meeting room, offices and day room.

Finish painting is in progress also this week.

Lots going on and getting closer to a finished product.

September 15, 2023 - Tree and stump removal

On 9/15 Upstate moved equipment on site to start removal of trees and some site work while awaiting permission from NYS for Gorick Construction to be able to start tear down the Legion building. This work continued for 2 weeks. Tree and stump removal, excavation on south retaining wall, removal of the pavilion, guardrails, electric and gas and water service to the building.

Material for water, sewer and drainage was delivered to the site as was block for the south retaining wall.

The state gave Gorick the okay to start demolition on the 29th and Atlantic Testing was set up to do air monitoring during demo. Demolition started on 9/30 and will continue into next week as will removal of the building debris.

July 5, 2023 - Some windows have arrived and install of them has begun

Some windows have arrived and install of them has begun.

Interior painting continues towards completion.

Electrical and low voltage wiring continues.

Work in apparatus bay continues with installation of Corey Vac heat, gas lines, sprinkler system and painting.

Sheetrock was hung in fitness room and painting has started in there.

June 25, 2023 - Sheetrock is completed and primed in the offices

Sheetrock is completed and primed in the offices, the meeting room.

Work continues in kitchen day room, gear room, bathrooms, conference room and communications room.

Apparatus bay ceiling has been painted and electrical and mechanical work continues out there.

WNBF did a update story last week and it may still be on their web site. The estimated completion date is late August with building being turned over to fire in the first couple weeks of September.

June 8, 2023 - Many Interior work is done

The Stations 4 replacement project continues to move along very well. As it is difficult to show how the interior work is progressing, things are moving right along. Here is a brief description of the progress of the project.

Sprinkler lines are being installed and approximately 60% complete.

Plumbing, heating, airlines and gas lines are being installed and to be completed in near future.

Electrical and low voltage conduit have been installed and wiring and pull string are in place.

Security and radio vendors have visited the site to prepare their work.

Walls have been partially sheet rocked and insulated awaiting final inspection. Walls hope to be completely sheet rocked and taping/mudding to start this week.

Exterior metal panels are ordered and hope to be delivered later next week and installation should start shortly after.

Windows should be delivered within 2 weeks.

Concrete apron will be completed once outside metal panels are installed. Then overhead bay doors will be installed.

May 6, 2023 - Masonry work completed on exterior west wall

Masonry work completed on exterior west wall, masons will continue to work on north wall. Apparatus bays floors completed, mezzanine and Communication room floors completed

Office side electrical work proceeding, drywall has been moved into the space. HVAC duct work to start next week.

April 28, 2023 - Progress continues...

Progress continues, east and south exterior walls brick work completed. West wall about 70% completed.

Interior concrete completed and interior walls are framed up, ready for electricians and plumbers to complete rough ins on office side.

Apparatus bays have 2 of the bays concrete pads completed with the rest happening next week.

Continue to check back for updates as things progress move ahead!

April 19, 2023 - A lot is going on!!!!

Office, meeting room concrete floor is down and framing will start shortly. Exterior masonry work continues to progress. Oil water separator completed and storm and sewer lines are in progress also.

April 14, 2023 - Floor Prep

Brick work has begun and another nice week for completion of roof membrane, and interior work prepping the floors for concrete next week.

March 27, 2023 - Roof Decking

The steel work is complete, roof decking is 95 % complete, they have started to put the insulation down on the apparatus side roof. Inside and outside grading and compaction is ongoing. Getting closer to pouring of the floors! Nice weather has helped keeping project moving along.

March 18, 2023 - Roof Area

Steel work for the roof area is complete, they still have the awning on front of the building to complete. Roof decking has started to be put down with 3/4 of the office side completed. Most of the mezzanine is completed also. Once decking is completed, they will start doing the roofing material.

March 13, 2023 - Roof Steel

3-03-23 - Station project moves along, waiting on steel. Bracing of walls and closing up opening completed....hopefully this coming week for the roof steel to show up.

3-07-23 - The crane was delivered yesterday and today the steel for the roof arrived and has been being offloaded and stacked for installation to begin.

3-08-23 - Steel work in progress.

3-13-23 - Roof Steel

February 11, 2023 - Progress continues as station #4 begins to take shape!

January 22, 2023

The Station 4 replacement continues to make headway with the west wall nearing completion and the erection of scaffolding on the north apparatus bay wall. We are hoping to see completion of the block work by first week of February.

December 30, 2022

Station 4 Project continues to move forward with decent progress.

The fence along the neighbor’s properties to the east was completed. The chain link fence to the south was completed.

Block walls on the east side and south side of the meeting room/officers were completed and the north office area and communication office walls are almost completed. The south wall of the apparatus bays scaffolding is up and work looks ready to begin there next week.

Underground lines for sewer and water should start next week also. Let’s hope this warmer weather continues!!!!

December 17, 2022

Scaffolding up and masonry crew working on block.

Masonry wall enclosure and east side property fence post installed.

December 11, 2022

Foundation has been backfilled and graded

Scaffolding erected for the starting of block walls.

Property grading pretty much completed

Work on installing fence and guardrail to begin next week..

December 3, 2022

Concrete forms removed.

Removal of extra dirt from grade preparation.

Temporary water and electrical services installed.

South retaining wall completed

North retaining wall completed

Installing of concrete block and insulation on footer walls.

November 11, 2022

Station Project continues to see progress. This week the following was completed.

1. Concrete footer wooden forms removed from last week's pour.

2. Footer wall forms were erected and supported and ready for pour next week due to rain today.(Friday)

3. Removal of most of the extra material was completed so sight is started to show more of the finish grades.

4. North retaining wall material was placed and prep work completed for this work to start next week also.

5. Front apron area graded to make ease for concrete trucks delivery next week.

6. Several people showed up to vote at Legion on Tuesday, they were a little surprised!

November 4, 2022

Work for the past week has been the following.

Footers framed and poured this morning

Rebar up and ready for framing and pouring of concrete next week.

Grading work continues in front apron area.

North retaining wall excavation work proceeding for wall construction next week.

So building outer walls are easy to see where they will be, grade of property is starting to look closer to finish grade in regards to building.

General Aerial shots of the project - October 23th, 2022

Building debris removal 10/3-10/7/22

September 15-30, 2022

On 9/15 Upstate moved equipment on site to start removal of trees and some site work while awaiting permission from NYS for Gorick Construction to be able to start tear down the Legion building. This work continued for 2 weeks. Tree and stump removal, excavation on south retaining wall, removal of the pavilion, guardrails, electric and gas and water service to the building.

Material for water, sewer and drainage was delivered to the site as was block for the south retaining wall.

The state gave Gorick the okay to start demolition on the 29th and Atlantic Testing was set up to do air monitoring during demo. Demolition started on 9/30 and will continue into next week as will removal of the building debris.

Station #4 Replacement Project

Vestal Fire Department - Station 4 Replacement Project

Station #4 Replacement Project

Thank You Vestal Voters in supporting us with your vote!

Our Safety, Our Need, Our Hope, is now reality!

Stay Tuned for project updates as we move forward with the project!

Vestal Fire Station #4 Proposal Why replace Station #4

Project News

01/25/22 - Public referendum held. Voters approved moving forward with construction of new station.

01/11/22 - Public Hearing held with Vestal residents.

7/10/20 - Architect has completed assessment of property and existing building. Fire Dept are reviewing Architects preliminary information for questions and answers. Fire Dept representatives have met with Town Engineer to review assessment. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 event has impacted the planned progress of the project.

12/04/19 - Building Committee provided comments and questions to the Architect based upon our review of their Kick-Off meeting documentation.

11/11/19 - Property site surveyed and mapping of the property is underway; various site tests being performed; sewer line and water service to be assessed. Building Committee reviewing Architect documentation from the Project Kick-Off meeting.

10/10/19 - The building committee met with the Architect on 9/26; architect toured the American Legion property; kick-off meeting included review and discussion of a survey on questions for listed uses of the current/future building.

9/16/2019 - Update : Building Committee met on Thursday 8/27 to prepare for the Architect joining the project; Architect's preliminary questions form was answered, kick-off meeting with Architect and building committee is scheduled for late September.

8/6/2019 - The Board of Fire Commissioners authorized on 7/24/19 Fire Commissioner John Schaffer to sign agreement with Bergmann Associates, Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, and Surveyors DPC to design and support construction of a new fire station #4.

7/3/2019 - Completed the proposed Architect contract for submittal to the Board of Fire Commissioners.

6/3/2019 - Working with Town Engineer and the recommended Architect on a proposed contract for Board of Fire Commissioners review and approval.

5/8/2019 - Update: We have reviewed several Architect firm submittals and recently selected one for recommendation to the Board of Fire Commissioners.



Current Project Timeline (reverse order)

03/6/19 - RFP due back to begin review process

02/6/19 - RFP for Architect/Engineer sent out

10/9/18 – Closing on American Legion property

05/22/18 – Public Information Session, powerpoint information utilized

05/09/18 – Fire Commissioner resolution authorizing property purchase

Background Information

1952 - Current Station #4 built

1984 - West side addition added

01/2011 - 05/2012 - Hueber-Breuer performed a feasibility study. The mission statement stated this was an In depth analysis of Station #4 to determine its ability to meet the needs of both the members, and more importantly, the Community.

This study was a comprehensive review to include potential solutions for current identified deficiencies, conduct thorough research to determine how the current facility affects the service the Department provides, and review both historical data and current trends in the Community in order to position the Department well for the next 50 years.

The goal of the study was to find the most cost effective method for addressing any identified deficiencies. All viable options must be conscious of the financial impact, potential streetscape aesthetics, and above all relate to the safety of the Department members and the Community.

2011 – 3 Community Forums were conducted

06/2011 – An inspection/assessment was also conducted of Station #4 by Hueber Breuer which found

  • Dated materials, fixtures, and systems
  • Outgrown the building size, with limited space for equipment and storage
  • Settling issues and cracks, as well as drainage issues
  • Dated interior conditions
  • Problems with building systems
  • Age, rust, and deterioration
  • Fails to meet numerous State and National Codes, FEMA, and NFPA standards

Options explored in the feasibility study included:

  1. Demolish and rebuild a new building on the existing site
  2. Repair/renovate the existing structure
  3. Demolish the original station, and build an addition
  4. Renovate the existing structure, and add an addition
  5. Demolish existing structure, and build new on a new site
  6. Explore consolidation of fire stations
  7. Add a 5th station at a new site
  8. Build a multipurpose building

Scoring favored option #1, followed closely by option #5, with reasons for favoring #1:

  • Maintain/improve response time to incident scenes
  • No vacant building created
  • No costly land acquisition
  • Optimum responder progression provided

Scoring items of option #5 that advances it ahead of option #1 (2018 update - current Legion site advances over the 2011 evaluation, when no viable/good other sites were available at that time):

  • Sufficient parking
  • Physical space for future growth
  • No temporary relocation required during construction

08/2015 – New team was established to refine/revise the project, review the feasibility study, highlight issues and shortcomings and update the concept

  • Size to meet current and future needs while still maintaining reasonable constraints
  • Meet requirements of
    • The Wicks Law
    • Prevailing Wage Requirements
    • Essential Facilities Codes

01/2017 – Review and Exploration of other potentially viable locations

05/2017 – American Legion interested in selling the property to the Fire District