Vestal Fire Department Open House

Saturday, April 27th from Noon until 3pm!

Please stop down and support the Vestal Fire Department! See what we have to offer!

Burn Ban in Effect

The yearly Burn Ban runs between March 15th and May 15th. This can be extended depending on conditions. If you decide to burn during the ban, and get caught, costly penalties can be incurred. Once the Burn Ban is lifted, there are still restrictions on what, how, and when you can burn. Check your local ordinances on open burning. Learn before you Burn! Please abide by the law!

Vestal Fire called to assist in extrication at Motor Vehicle Accident

Vestal Fire responds to chimney fire

Officer Leadership Training

This past March, Fire and Staff Officers had their annual leadership training. This training included guest speakers on topics from the importance of training in the fire service, familiarization with gas meters and traffic incident management. Concluding with a round table discussion with the Chief and Assistant Chiefs.

February 3rd, 2019 Annual Required Ice Water Rescue Training

The Vestal Fire Department’s Water Rescue Team along with water rescue members from Endwell, Conklin, and Johnson City participated in the required annual ice water rescue training in Vestal. Three stations were set up on a pond were the team members could practice different rescue techniques used in ice water rescue. Below are the listed objectives, and the techniques to be used at each station.


  1. Define the SANE approach to ice rescue
  2. Identify the two types of self-rescue techniques
  3. Identify and describe two uses of watercraft in an ice rescue situation
  4. Utilize ice rescue techniques in different field scenarios at an ice site
  5. Throw techniques
  6. Identify the proper way to handle a hypothermic patient and the steps that need to be taken to prevent further heat loss once the victim is rescued
  7. Describe how to develop an operational plan
  8. Go with Rescue Sling

Equipment used:

  1. RDC
  2. PFD
  3. Mustang & Dry Suit, Helmet
  4. Ropes, Ice Picks
  5. Sling, Rescue Stick


Station 1:
At this scenario, the rescuer will demonstrate the proper throw bag technique. The rescuer must be Throw the bag 2x in a distance of 50ft within 40sec. then pull the victim ashore. Also, the rescuer will use the Rescue stick and pull the unconscious victim out of the water.

Station 2:
At this scenario, the swimmer must be able to perform 2 different types of self-rescue.

  • Self-rescue using just their own momentum (using just elbows and feet).
  • Self-rescue using the ice picks.

Station 3:
At this scenario, a victim has fallen into the ice and the rescuer must use the RDC to reach the victim. The rescuer must show the proper technique and approach with the RDC. Once the rescuer reach the victim; the rescuer will use the Sling to pull the victim onto the RDC.

Station 4:
At this scenario, each rescuer will perform a victim rescue. They will 1st coach the victim to; self-rescue. If the victim cannot self-rescue, the rescuer will perform the following skills:

  • Reach - using a reaching object to extend to the victim
  • Throw - if the victim is too far to reach throw a PDF, Life Ring, or some sort of floating device
  • Row - if a boat is available, row out to the victim and use the paddle to pull the victim in
  • Go - if you must swim take a floating device with you

2019 Fire District Budget

On Tuesday, October 16th, a public hearing was held at the Town Hall presenting the 2019 Vestal Fire District Budget. Click here to view the presentation.

2019 Vestal Fire District Budget

Vestal Fire Prevention

Vestal Fire Prevention completed another round of fire prevention activities with the various schools within our district along with some outside of our district. Here are some pictures of a recent Fire Prevention activity held at BOCES with our Brothers and Sisters from Choconut Center Fire Department!

Parkway Plaza Car Fire

Vestal Fire recently answered a car fire call at the Parkway Plaza apartment complex

2018 Breakfast with Santa

Station #2 would like to thank all that came out and supported our Breakfast with Santa fundraiser. It is Greatly Appreciated!

2018 Breakfast with Santa

2018 Awards / Banquet

The 2018 Vestal Fire Departments 62nd annual award dinner was held on November 10th honoring those members that had passed this year, along with our members who have reached service milestones. A special Thank You goes out to our current Station #1 Fire Police Lieutenant, Gene Wagner, who was awarded for 55 years of service, and to past chief Chris E. Lupold, for 50 years of Service. Congratulations to all that received awards! The Vestal Fire Department greatly appreciates your dedicated years of service!

5 years

  • Larry Dailey
  • Brett Noonan
  • Christian Schrader
  • Paul Atherton
  • Michael Behr
  • Austin Lavin
  • Ben Schwartz
  • Chris Steenstrup

10 Years

  • Richard Austin

15 Years

  • Scott Walter
  • Matthew Martens
  • Stefan Miller

20 Years

  • Walter Rochester
  • Gerald Konen

25 Years

  • Robert Hamilton

35 Years

  • Dale Frisbie
  • Walt Schlundt
  • David Harrington

40 Years

  • Michael Petcosky

45 Years

  • Charles Paffie

50 Years

  • Chris E. Lupold

55 Years

  • Eugene Wagner

Training on the new Tower 32-4

Vestal Fire responds to the ITC complex at the State University of New York at Binghamton

ITC complex

To Operate a Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

Keep'em Clear


New Tower Truck arrives in Vestal

On September 10th, Vestal Fire Department took delivery on its new Tower Apparatus (Tower 4). Vestal Fire gives a big Thank You to our residents once again for your support!

2018 Fire Expo

This year’s fire expo was a huge success! Despite the rain shower, we had a great crowd and awesome demonstrations! Thank You Lowes once again for the use of your parking lot, and thanks to all the agency’s, vendors, and volunteers that showed up and gave their time to make it such a success! Here are a few pictures from this year’s expo!

2018 Fire Expo

Click Here - To view our expo album on Facebook!

Tower 4 and Tanker 2 were initiated!

Vestal Fire welcomed our two newest pieces of apparatus at the expo this past Saturday doing the “Wet Down” ceremony initiating new equipment into the department. Tower 4 and Tanker 2 were initiated!

The Heating season is upon us.

Please be careful when using alternate home heating methods. Here are some Home Heating Safety Tips!

  • Check your smoke alarms at least once a month
  • Have Carbon Monoxide alarms installed and working in your home. Check your local code for requirements
  • For more home heating and alternate heating source safety tips, go to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Home Page

Vestal Fire Safety Expo.

Vestal Fire Safety Expo, Saturday October 6th, from 10am – 2pm at the Lowes Parking Lot. Fire Trucks, Police Cars, Safety Demonstrations, Exhibits. Even Sparky will be there! Stop down and check it out!

Have you changed your battery’s lately?

You should be changing every 6 months.

co detector

Flash Flooding hits South Vestal, and Vestal Center 8/14/18

In the morning hours of August fourteenth, flash flooding hit South Vestal and Vestal Center. In monitoring the Choconut creeks level gauge in Choconut, and the degrading weather conditions, Vestal Fire went into emergency operations mode and went into stand by, activating our Emergency Operation center and Division Operation centers and answering numerous calls throughout the morning. Once again that evening we went back into stand by activating the EOC and DOC’s once again as the Choconut creek went above flood stage once again. Thankfully, it wasn’t as serious as the mornings event. Vestal Fire Department wants to thank all our mutual aid brothers and sisters, Vestal Police Department, Vestal Emergency Squad, Vestal Highway Department, and the various other Town of Vestal Departments that showed up to help during this event. We would also like to thank the residents of South Vestal, Vestal Center, and Vestal for their cooperation with us in dealing with this serious situation. The pictures and video provided were taken during the course of our operations ….

Vestal Fire responds to possible water rescue

The water rescue team deploys at Harold Moore Park with other local water rescue teams for a possible river rescue in July.

Car Fire Safety

With the height of the cooling season here, please be safe with your Air Conditioners, Fans, and extension cords

Five Common Causes of Electrical Fires
Use Extension Cords Safely


North Street Fire

Vestal Fire responded mutual aid to Endicott for structure fire on North Street

Castleman Road MVA

Vestal Fire responded to a one car MVA into a pole Castleman Road on June 2nd

April Live Fire training

April Live Fire training at the Fred Singer training site

Station #2 Sign Dedication

On Monday May 7th, Station #2 had a dedication ceremony dedicating their new sign to the deceased members of Station #2

Fire on Deerfield Ave

On May 5th Vestal Fire responded to a second alarm fire on Deerfield Ave. Our brothers and sisters from Endwell Endicott and West Corners assisted with the call

Vestal Fire