Breakfast with Santa

Santa Clause Event

2018 Fire District Budget

On Tuesday, October 17th, a public hearing was held at the Town Hall presenting the 2018 Vestal Fire District Budget. Click here to view the presentation.

2017 Vestal Fire Awards Dinner

The 2017 Vestal Fire Departments award dinner was held on November 4th honoring those members that had passed this year, along with our members who have reached service milestones. A special Thank You goes out to our current Fire Marshal, Carle Truman, who was awarded for 60 years of service, and to past chief Ed Zimmer, for 55 years of Service. Congratulations to all that received awards! The Vestal Fire Department greatly appreciates your dedicated years of service!

5 Years
Shelby Frisbie, Stephen Langeland, Keith Chason

10 Years
Christopher Farley, Dustin McCartney, Sacha Sigelman-Schwartz, Jason Stupski

15 Years
Joe Bunzey, William Fletcher

20 Years
Dave Foland, Kenneth Fortier

25 Years
Mark Sanford, Edward Hildebrand

30 Years
Scott Orcutt

35 Years
William Murphy

40 Years
Edward Tomczyk

45 Years
Theodore Baker

55 Years
Edward Zimmer

60 Years
Carle Truman

Tanker 2 Replacement Project

The New Tanker 2 is nearing completion and delivery. Here are a few details on our newest vehicle to be joining the Vestal Fire Department;

Manufacturer: Fort Garry Fire Trucks
Chassis: 2017 Freightliner M2 112
Engine: Detroit Diesel DD13, 12.8L, 450 hp
Transmission: Allison 4000 EVS Automatic Transmission
GVWR: 62,000 lb
Pump: Hale Sidekick MBP 750GPM
Tank: 3000 gallon poly


3500 gal portable tank on an electric lift
4 - 6” light weight flexible hard suctions on an electric lift
2 internally mount 1 3/4” preconnected cross lay hose trays
Rear, Left, and Right 10” dump chutes
2 - 5” rear mounted Fireman’s friend tank fills.
Heat pans mounted under pump compartment.

September Water Rescue Training

Septembers water rescue training was held at Hickories Park in Owego. With the help of Rescue Randy, the team trained on search and recovery.

Alarm, Ross Corners Church

On October 21st, Vestal Fire received and alarm for a possible fire at the Bridgewater Church in Ross Corners.

Fire prevention teaching Fire Safety at our elementary schools.

During the month of October, our fire prevention team has been very busy going to the various elementary schools teaching fire safety to our young students. Here, the Clayton Avenue students stopped by Station #1 to learn about Fire Safety!

University Plaza Apartments

Vestal Fire responded to University Plaza Apartments for an active fire on October 20th. Fire was contained to Bathroom and Bedroom.

National Night Out

On August 1st, The Vestal Police Department sponsored the 20th annual National Night Out at Target Plaza. Vestal Fire Department, along with other agencies and organizations participated in the event. Great fun was had by all!!! (Photos courtesy of the Vestal Town Crier)

The Heating season is upon us

The Heating season is upon us. Please be careful when using alternate home heating methods. Here are some Home Heating Safety Tips!

  • Check your smoke alarms at least once a month
  • Have Carbon Monoxide alarms installed and working in your home. Check your local code for requirements
  • For more home heating and alternate heating source safety tips, go to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Home Page!

Water Rescue Training

Our water Rescue teams training this month consisted of low angle rescues. Here are a few pictures from our training session.

2017 Fire Expo

This year’s fire expo was a huge success! Great weather, great crowd, awesome demonstrations! Thank You Lowes once again for the use of your parking lot, and thanks to all the agency’s, vendors, and volunteers that showed up and gave their time to make it such a success! Here are a few pictures from this year’s expo!

Binghamton University RA/RD Training

On Wednesday, August 16th, the Vestal Fire Department assisted Binghamton University EH&S with their annual RA/RD training. We had 17 members there during the day time activity to assist with several task and stations.

Along with OFPC, we assisted with the fire extinguisher training simulator, a smoked filled room, and a station to where the members talked about the Vestal Fire Department.

Key points were address and how important each was especially during an emergency situation.

  • How to communicate with the students they are responsible for.
  • To not get complacent in the way they exit the building even the way they may go to their classes.
  • Know your alternate routes.
  • Make sure they are meeting the 1st Law Enforcement Officer or Fire Chief and reporting that everyone is out of the building.

Overall it was a great training to be a part of, and an eye-opening experience for the new RA/RD's coming into the University this coming semester.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Cold weather is almost upon us. Heaters and furnaces will soon be turned on. Good time to review facts on Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Click Here to view.

Flash Flooding Hits South Vestal

In the early morning hours on Monday July 24th Between 2.1 and 3.1 inches of rain fell around the south Vestal area. This rain along with rain that fell in the Choconut Creek water basin in Northern Pennsylvania caused a rapid rise in Choconut creek causing flash flooding, starting at the Richards and Tharp street area. A little after 1am Monday morning July 24th, Vestal Fire was toned out. Assisted by Vestal Police Department, and Vestal EMS, several rescues and evacuations were performed. As the early morning progressed, Choconut creek ended up cresting at 13.8 feet effecting multiple bridges, and areas along the creek all the way to Main street, prompting the Town of Vestal to declare a State of Emergency. Up to 75 people were affected, with up to 10 requiring shelter assistance from the Red Cross. With all the activity, rescues, and evacuations, no injuries were reported! Thank You Vestal Police Department and Vestal EMS, and the Red Cross for your help and support during this event!

Car Fire Safety

With the height of the cooling season here, please be safe with your Air Conditioners, Fans, and extension cords

Five Common Causes of Electrical Fires
Use Extension Cords Safely


July Fire Police Training at the Fred Singer training site

Fire Police using the full scale, and 1/10th scale striping to practice lane closure.

July Department Training

Training with the Water Rescue and Command Assistance Team at Harold Moore Park

June Ladder Training


June Dry Hydrant Training


June River Drafting & Pump Training

2nd Alarm Fire 225 Vestal Parkway East

Vestal answered a 2nd Alarm Fire on 6/7/17 at 225 Vestal Parkway East. The fire effected multiple businesses in the building. Thanks to our mutual aid departments that responded, and covered our stations during the call


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) advised today that although the ban on burning has ended, residents should use caution when burning brush.

Residents of towns with fewer than 20,000 residents may burn brush and tree limbs unless prohibited by local law. Residents in “fire towns” must obtain a permit

DEC encourages residents to mulch or compost brush along with other yard waste. In rural areas brush piles can provide habitat for wildlife.

If residents decide to burn brush, consider burning when conditions are more favorable such as during or soon after a rain event, when there is little or no wind to spread the flames, and remember never leave a fire unattended and always be sure the fire is completely out.

Fire safety tips:

  • Check and obey all local laws and ordinances
  • Never burn garbage, non-woody materials or painted or treated wood. It creates a public health hazard and is illegal in most places
  • Burn early in the morning when humidity is high and winds are low
  • Clear all flammable material for a distance of 10 to 15 feet around the material to be burned
  • Keep piles to be burned small, adding small quantities of material as burning progresses
  • Always have a garden hose, shovel, water bucket, or other means to extinguish the fire close at hand

Follow these steps to ensure a fire is extinguished:

  1. Drown the fire with water making sure all materials, embers and coals are wet
  2. Stir the remains, add more water, and stir again

Click for printable version of this article.

Recruitment Day / Open House

Recruitment day / open house was held on Saturday April 29th at all four stations. It was from Noon till 3pm. Fun was had by all!

2017 Vestal Fire Dept. - Operational Readiness Exercise - Disaster Drill

The Vestal Fire Department conducted a Operational Readiness Exercise on Saturday April 22, 2017. The scenario was a large weather event that went through the Town of Vestal with major wind and flash flooding issues. The exercise scenarios had thirty (30) simultaneous incidents that had to be handled. The incidents were prioritized, resources assigned and responded to by fire department personnel. As such the Fire Operations Center (FOC) went into service at the Town Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The FOC stood up Divisions (response zones) to answer multiple storm related calls over a time frame of three hours. As part of the fire department protocol, Division Operations Centers (DOC) were staffed at fire station 2 and 3. The calls were throughout the south and western portions of the Town of Vestal. Besides Fire Department and Fire Auxiliary members, our Town Supervisor, our Town Council members, Town IT Dept., and Chief of Police also took part. After the disaster drill, all participants got together at the EOC to review what went right and where we could improve, (this process is known as a "Hot Wash"). It was a very successful training event and everyone learned from the day’s activity! Two weeks later a real storm hit the town following the same scenario as the mock disaster drill.

Flat Stanley Visit

Flat Stanley brought his friend Gideon to station two this past week to take a tour, and write a report on the Fire Department. We really enjoyed seeing them and I think Flat Stanley’s friend has a good time!

Woods Fire

On April 15th, 2017, at 1:15pm, 53 members of the Vestal Fire Department, along with mutual aid from 11 other agencies responded to a woods fire on Dodd road.

The fire spread quickly up a steep hill consuming approximately 5.6 acres. The fire was aided by dry conditions and a south west wind at times gusting over twenty miles per hour. Vestal Fire, along with our brothers and sisters from, Vestal Emergency Squad, Vestal Police, Town of Binghamton Fire, Endwell Fire, West Corners Fire, Union Center Fire, Prospect Terrace Fire, Five Mile Point Fire, Apalachin Fire, Silver Lake Fire, Harpurs Ferry EMS, along with a Forest Ranger, Encon, and a Fire Warden responded either to the scene, or stood by manning our stations as we worked for three and a half hours, controlling and putting out the fire.

Vestal Fire gives a big “Thank You” to you all!

It was determined that the fire was caused by an illegal burn. The reason there is a state-wide burn ban in effect is because of the dry conditions during this time of the year. Citations will be administered and fines can range from $500 dollars up to $18,000 depending on the cause, size, and resources used. That is eighteen thousand dollars.

Please think real hard before you violate the burn ban. You can see what the consequences can be.

Skylark Motel Fire

On Tuesday, March 14th, Vestal Fire Department was dispatched to the Skylark Motel. Sixty-seven members of the Vestal Fire Department, along with our brothers and sisters from the Vestal Police Department, Endicott Fire, Endwell Fire, Town of Binghamton Fire, West Corners Fire, Apalachin Fire, Harpurs Ferry, and Vestal Ambulance responded.

Unfortunately, there was a loss of life. Our Hearts and Prayers go out to the family of the victim. The call came in at 4:02 am at the start of the big blizzard. Firefighters, Police, and EMS battled with the elements and, at times, with a snow rate of four inches per hour. Vestal Fire was officially done eight hours later.

Vestal Fire Department sends a huge “Thank You” to the Skylark Diner which opened its doors for us through the duration of the fire so we could have a warm place to do our rehab. Also, thanks to the Mirabito / Dunkin Donuts for the donuts that you donated and to our Auxiliary for battling the brutal elements to deliver the food. We would also like to thank the Skylark Patrons that donated their time to serve all the First Responders using the Skylark Diner for rehab. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You All!

Vestal Fire